Lambert criticised over fur coat

Miranda Lambert Fur Coat Christmas 2015

A keepsake that has history, memories, and sentiment makes the receiver and giver feel all the warm fuzzies.

Here's "Somethin' Bad" for Miranda Lambert's reputation as a friend to the furry.

The 32-year-old nation vocalist posted on her Instagram page on Saturday, the day after Christmas, a photograph of herself packaged up in one of two fur garments, family legacies, she got as presents from her grandma. The singer has always been an advocate and major voice behind animal's rights.

By the sounds of it, Lambert has more than one, depending upon how many Christmases her gun Santa's been active.

It seems that the coat may have been purchased during a time before America culturally woke up to the concept of how cruel the creation of fur coats and accessories can be. That is the question circulating the internet.

Miranda Lambert got slammed for flaunting a fur coat.

Animal activists jumped all over the posts, sharing their disdain for real fur coats and lambasting the "Little Red Wagon" singer for accepting the jackets with comments like "f**k fur", "hypocrite", and "shame on you". The five dogs she now owns are all rescues, as pointed out by the hashtag #dontforgetloveashelterpet.

Lambert and her mom, Bev, are prime supporters of the MuttNation Establishment, which plans to "end creature savagery, disregard and vagrancy" and bolsters creature protects and advances pet reception occasions and spay and fix crusades. "We had higher hopes", she said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. Social media commenters agreed with Lange.

While some fans complimented Lambert's look, many others blasted her for promoting fur.

Still, some commenters called for critics to cut Lambert some slack.

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