Ford Wants to Turn Your Car's Back Wheel Into a Batpod

Ford Patents Futuristic Electric Unicycle

Admittedly, there's no evidence to suggest that such a vehicle exists, even in prototype form, but Ford suggests the electric unicycle would feature external charging ports, perhaps even solar charging, and would feature novice, intermediate, experienced, and sport riding modes.

As reported by, a patent that Ford originally filed back in June 2014 and was recently granted and published shows a system where the rear wheel of a vehicle can be removed and used as the base for an upper attachment to create an electric unicycle.

Using "pedal assist", riders can reach speeds of up to 15mph (25km/h).

That being said it is unclear if such a plan would ever be made into reality.

Ford Wants to Turn Your Car's Back Wheel Into a Batpod
Ford Wants to Turn Your Car's Back Wheel Into a Batpod

As per the patent description, the "self-propelled" unicycle has its own battery pack as well as suspension, and is also equipped with the requisite sensors and circuits to prevent it from toppling over when a seat is put on it. However, Ford believes it could be a great way for a driver to avoid traffic holdup in a busy city by parking their main vehicle and moving on the unicycle.

'The self-propelled unicycle may be more easily and quickly manoeuvred in the more congested areas'. Removing a vehicle also essentially makes your auto theft-proof, since robbers won't want to steal a auto that's missing a wheel.

Eerily similar to a Ryno, the patent for the Ford motorized unicycle looks like it would be a lot of fun to ride. Just hope no one nabs the unicycle. Well, Ford has a solution for you, albeit a slightly weird one. Using a spare tyre might make more sense.

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