Flower that stinks like corpse blooms in Adelaide's Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Titan anum

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in the Adelaide Hills is playing host to the endangered titan arum or corpse flower, named for its distinctive odor.

The garden's Matt Coulter said the plant is a native to Sumatra, and has grown from a seed that was planted almost a decade back.

'When I opened the door this morning it nearly knocked me over, it was so strong'.

"I know everywhere else in the world when this plant does flower it does cause this kind of interest but I didn't think this many people would come".

"It smells mostly at night time, but it still smells pretty bad in here at the moment - sort of like sulphuric gas or rotting fish", Coulter said.

According to 9news, only about 80 specimens have flowered around the world in the past 30 years and can grow to three meters in height. According to Outdoor Floriculturist Tim Pollak at the Chicago Botanic Garden from LiveScience, the Corpse Flower giving off its pungent smell is simple science. Spectators lined up to witness the rare event as the flower was open for 48 hours starting Monday. "The smell, color, and even temperature of corpse flowers are meant to attract pollinators and help ensure the continuation of the species".

Adelaide was flocked with thousands of tourists last Tuesday falling in line with the eagerness to see the "corpse flower" bloom.


Within two hours of opening, a spokesperson for the garden said 10,000 people had paid the plant a visit.

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