Facebook is testing multiple, topic-based newsfeeds in its mobile app

Instead of getting all your news in one place, you'll now be able to have several different feeds, depending on your personal interests.

The Verge further reported that the social network was also testing its new Marketplace feature, which would allow users to purchase products simply by clicking an ad.

So, basically, it looks like no-one has really taken Facebook up on their Paper app, so they're merging it with the News Feed.

The social networking giant, however, is not done introducing changes to its app by tinkering with its news feeds alone.

Facebook is testing a feature in its flagship mobile applications that divides its News Feed into categories including travel, style and headlines. Notably, the primary news feed still exists and is not completely gone. A spokesperson from Facebook said that Facebook was getting a lot of suggestions to make news feed more diversified.

Although the latest experiment is now a buzz among netizens, still, there is no guarantee that the feature will be added to the Facebook mobile app. The app also offers station suggestions, based on users' Facebook profile information. According to The Verge, Facebook's dive into the e-commerce field is "still in the early stages of testing", but the experience will improve and become more effective with time.

The Facebook app is the most popular app in the United States, if not the world, by a wide margin. On iOS, the Marketplace icon replaces Messenger at the bottom of the screen, pushing the Messenger icon up next to the search bar, similar to where it's found in the Android app. The company is apparently also allowing users easier access to its shopping section (Marketplace). These topic-based News Feed will be displayed alongside the single News Feed format which can be seen now.

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