US B-52 bomber mistakenly flew near Chinese-built island

US B-52 bomber mistakenly flew near Chinese-built island

During the fly over, which was part of routine USA missions in the region, one of the bombers accidentally flew within 2 nautical miles of the Cuarteron Reef, which China has been artificially expanding.

The United States owes China a reasonable explanation as to why U.S. B-52 bombers entered Chinese airspace near the Nansha Islands on Dec 10. Bill Urban as saying in Washington that China had raised its complaints over the flight and that the US was investigating. One of many things that have changed about the disputes is China's willingness to act robustly, as most states would, to defend pre-existing sovereignty claims that have been in place for at least 66 years.

Navy officials said at the time that the sail-past was necessary to assert the United States position that China's man-made islands cannot be considered sovereign territory with the right to surrounding territorial waters. Chinese officials warned the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen as it moved inside the zone around the Subi Reef.

China's actions in the South China Sea have angered others in the region, with Beijing using land reclamation to expand reefs in the area and construct artificial islands, thus extending its maritime territory claims. It complicates and even militarizes the regional situation in the South China Sea. The latest complaint by Beijing concerns a B-52.

The information office of the ministry said the Chinese military kept close surveillance on the bombers' activities and gave it warnings. CCTV's Jim Spellman has a timeline of previous incidents between the two countries in and above the waters off China.

China insists it has sovereignty over virtually all of the resource-rich South China Sea, conflicting with the various claims of Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei, AFP reported. The Americans regularly conduct so-called "freedom of navigation operations" in the area.

He added that the U.S., which has yet to confirm how many bombers were involved in the mission, is now looking into the matter. "This will make it worse", Mr. Le Yuchneg, Chinese ambassador to India, said in an apparent message to the United States and India. "Over the past decade, this hospital has offered humanitarian assistance to 21 people in 20 cases, including 12 Philippine and Myanmar nationals, which fully demonstrates Taiwan's dedication to humanitarianism".

Mr. Le said China is ready for negotiations and has already signed the "Declaration of Conduct in the South China" with ASEAN nations, which lays down norms of peaceful resolution to the issue.

The main contractor behind the weaponry is Raytheon.


China's Defense Ministry urged the U.S. to stop such unsafe and provocative actions, which have become another source of tension between both countries along with the USA government's announcement of a new arms sale to Taiwan last week.

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