Trump slams Bill Clinton for 'terrible record of women abuse'

As Trump has continued to dominate pre-primary polls, his attacks have begun to focus more squarely on Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, and using Bill Clinton's past has become a favorite mark.

Donald Trump is ratcheting up his battle against Hillary Clinton by accusing her of playing what he called "the woman card".

Trump followed up with a second tweet, saying, "Hillary, when you complain about 'a penchant for sexism, ' who are you referring to?"

Saturday, the GOP frontrunner twisted Hillary Clinton's language about her opponent's "penchant for sexism" with a tweet that accused Bill Clinton on the same.

The comments came as the former president is set to campaign for his wife Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire next week.

(Trump) "She's playing the woman's card and it's like give me a break..."

"I turned her exact words against her", he said.

Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Bill Clinton's past sexual misconduct, telling NBC's "Today" show Tuesday that the criticism is "fair game". "She called Bernie Sanders a sexist because he criticized her. She's going to play that card, we need to be realistic, and of course she's going to talk about the Republican war on women, which doesn't exist".

CNN's Tom Lobianco contributed to this message.

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