Trump attacks Jeb Bush on Twitter

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is polling strongly ahead of the Republican primaries which begin in Iowa in early February

Bush's theory is that the president created an opening for a candidate such as Trump by making so many Republicans so enraged. "I mean, it's beyond ridiculous; it's quite unsafe".

He said he expects voters to change their minds: "We're living in this reality TV political environment where [Trump] fills the space by saying outrageous things", Bush said. "And the

"And the Republican Party has, essentially, they're not even listening to Jeb", Trump said.

"Or I will take over", he assured the crowd. After the Democratic presidential front-runner responded to Trump's use of a Yiddish vulgarism against her by accusing the Republican presidential contender of "a penchant for sexism", Trump took to Twitter to accuse Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, of a "terrible record of women's abuse". Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally on Hilton Head Island; while Bush is scheduled to attend a meet-and-greet in Lexington, South Carolina. Asked about the effect of Trump's proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States on Republican primary voters, Bush replied: "In a month from now, voters won't agree with him".

Speaker Newt Gingrich a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 during a campaign stop in Missouri
Trump attacks Jeb Bush on Twitter

Bush will make a campaign stop in Ocala, where he will host a town hall-style meeting to discuss several topics his supporters hope will garner him more traction in the New Year.

Talking to NPR, Bush insisted none of the early states are must-win: "The good news is, expectations are low for me, and I'm definitely gonna beat those", he said.

The GOP candidate's campaign will cancel planned advertising buys in Iowa and SC, and shift its Miami headquarters, NBC News reported. "And I'll tell you what - that's going to be a rough one because there's nobody more impassioned than the people that believe strongly in the Second Amendment", Trump said.

"Donald Trump gets his foreign policy advice, congresswoman, from the shows", he said.

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