'Star Wars' fan in NY legally changes name to Darth Vader

'Star Wars' fan in NY legally changes name to Darth Vader

Vader told the D&C that the name change wasn't hard, but he did have to sign documents promising not to use the Force for evil character's likeness for his own profit. He said his 20-year-old daughter had supported his decision, though she had not followed suit.

For 13 years, Vader has been fighting leukemia and a serious bone marrow disorder, which is treatable.

"It keeps my mind off doctor's appointments, of all that I've gone through, am going through and will continue to go through", Vader says of training for races.

His driver's license actually reads "Darth Vader", but people who know him still call him Eric. "So that shows you the type of impact that he made, very physically imposing, and eventually he had some good in him and came clean with everything".

Vader can take comfort in the fact that he is not alone in struggling to prove that his legal name was inspired by a franchise so powerful that it feels like half of Earth has already seen the new Star Wars movie.

It wasn't particularly hard to change his name to that of a movie character.

"PayPal was the worst, because you're talking a financial institution and money exchanges, so PayPal was frightful to try and verify my name", Vader said, laughing. 'I had no strong family ties to my name.


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