Southwest flight starting in Sacramento diverted to Oakland

A Southwest Airlines plane made a safe but unscheduled landing this evening at Oakland International Airport, the second one in five days, authorities said. According to Southwest, the jet met up with another Southwest plane and the 133 passengers were loaded onto that plane for their continuing trip to Denver.

Instead, the flight was rerouted, and spent around an hour flying above Yuba City, close to Sacramento, so as to use up fuel, before managing to successfully land at the Oakland airfield at around 5:15 p.m. The flight, which was originally scheduled to land in Chicago, circled over the Stockton area for several hours before landing safely.

The original aircraft was taken in for maintenance, Landson said. The flight landed in Denver about three hours behind schedule at 9:38 p.m. mountain time, according to Southwest flight information.

Southwest Airlines flight 2547 landed safely at Oakland International Airport after it experienced a landing gear issue Wednesday morning.

Officials say a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to Denver was diverted to Oakland after the aircraft ran into pressurization issues.

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