Sheldon Adelson is new owner of Las Vegas Review

Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson is the mystery buyer of The Las Vegas Review-Tribune, Fortune reports.

For several days, there has been speculation that Adelson was the anonymous owner.

News + Media's manager, Michael Schroeder, said Thursday that he couldn't immediately provide more information.

He said the public company had no intention to resell the paper, but it did so out of fiduciary duty in the interest of its shareholders when it was made an offer of $140 million.

The secrecy over the buyer drew interest across the media world, and criticism from some corners.

Adelson also wondered aloud about why the sale was getting so much attention, since, as he put it, "there are hundreds of local daily papers". "You might say it sometimes when you don't know stuff or when there's legal consequences and liabilities, but generally, the press has the general obligation to speak", he said. Not that Trump needs his money, but Trump doesn't want Adelson pouring millions into a campaign to back a rival, such as Marco Rubio, or anyone else.

The secretive nature of the deal had prompted calls from journalism groups and politicians for the new owner to reveal himself. "The reporters are kind of curious who they work for".

He said Gatehouse didn't disclose the buyer due to a confidentiality agreement and rejected the notion that the paper's integrity had been challenged.

Andrew Seaman, the Society of Professional Journalists' ethics committee chairman, said there are still questions about why the new owners went through such great pains to hide their identity and waited so long to reveal themselves. Greenspun says there will clearly be some political differences between the two papers, "but that just makes for good reading".

"This week, with each of the Republican candidates for president and the national media descending on Las Vegas for the year's final debate, we did not want an announcement to distract from the important role Nevada continues to play in the 2016 presidential election", the family statement said.

Fortune on Wednesday cited "multiple sources familiar with the situation" in reporting that Adelson was indeed behind the buyout.

Because Nevada is both an early caucus and swing state, journalists, including those on the Review-Journal's own staff, speculated that the newspaper was purchased for political influence.

Education reporter Neal Morton took to Twitter to note that quotes that appeared in some versions of the paper's story about the sale later disappeared online.

Today, the Review-Journal published its own front-page article highlighting the outrage in journalism circles over the mysterious sale-there are no other newspapers of any significance in the United States whose owners are not known-as well as clues that Schroeder has links to Adelson. One informed source told Mother Jones earlier this week that Adelson had privately mused about buying the newspaper in the past, and the Review-Journal's report today includes details that Adelson attempted to purchase the newspaper in February when it was last sold, but was unable to.

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