Rams Punter Blindside Blocks Cliff Avril, Runs Away When Confronted

GREEN BAY WI- OCTOBER 11 Punter Johnny Hekker #6 of the St. Louis Rams looks to pass against the Green Bay Packers in the third quarter at Lambeau Field

ProFootball Focus' Sam Monson spotted a hilarious moment in the St. Louis Rams-Seattle Seahawks game when Hekker avoided redemption from a sneaky hit on Seahawks' defensive end Cliff Avril.

When Avril immediately went after Hekker, the punter ducked and turned away from a blow that never actually arrived.

The episode didn't end there, though, because when Hekker came back on the field later to punt, Avril was waiting and this time he brought backup.

It was definitely illegal, and Hekker was flagged. Chances are if I pointed to a roster photo of one, you wouldn't know him from Adam.

If that seems harsh, well... he did cower in fear after Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett pretended to seek retribution on Hekker for taking out Avril with a blindside block.

Without laying a hit on Hekker, the Seahawks sent an unambiguous message: stay in your lane, kick-boy.


In the locker room afterward, Bennett talked about what happened and said Hekker acted "like a little girl".

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