Phablets, iDevices Popular This Christmas

Apple came away the winner in mobile device holiday sales worldwide amid a shift to bigger screens a survey showed

Now, Yahoo-run analytics firm Flurry Insights has shared the gift giving trends for this holiday season, again showing that Apple devices were among the most popular items received this year. Apple's iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus, its better-late-than-never entries into the phablet market also accounted for just 12 per cent of iOS device activations.

Microsoft's Nokia lost share, falling from 5.8 percent to 2 percent, while Sony fell out of the top five mobile device makers all together. Phablets, it seems are replacing smaller phones: while 63% of new devices were medium-sized mobiles last year, this year that figure has dropped to 54%.

Share wise, the tablet market is down from two years ago of 29% to just 18% this year for overall sales of handsets, which corresponds to the increase in phablets suggesting that there may have been a spot for productivity phones discovered. Small phones with a screen size of less than 3.5 inches are close to being phased out altogether-only 3% of devices activated fitted into that once dominant category. The new iPad Pro is grouped into "Full-Size Tablets" and represented less than 1% of device activations.

Mind you, Apple's performance over Christmas 2015 wasn't as impressive as its share of last year's activations.

Apparently, a large percentage of people were unwrapping Apple devices this holiday season, with Apple iPhones and iPads comprising of 49.1 percent of new device activations.

As for the form-factor breakdown, Christmas 2015 was similar to past year in another way: a big jump in the number of phablets activated.

With the New Year fast approaching, Apple products are (again) the presents that everybody wanted for 2016.

Flurry, this year, uncovered what it dubbed the "death of small phones, " which meant for the first time in 2015, consumers appeared to be opting for phablets over smaller-screened phones.

Phablets accounted for almost half of Android devices activated during the holidays.

However, what is about to disappear is the small smartphone with a screen size of 3.5-inches. Medium-sized phones continued to make up the largest share of the market, but that share is decreasing. Among phablet devices, we came across a surprising revelation.

App downloads also took place in large numbers on Christmas Day.

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