Jeb Bush offers advice on taking selfies

Repeating his stance that the government needs to control immigration but that it still can sympathize with immigrants" motives, Bush praised America's love of diversity by mentioning his new granddaughter is a "Mexican, Texan, Iraqi, Canadian, American".

"He's spent $59 million on this campaign, and he's down in the grave, he's nowhere", Trump said.

Bush has largely put his hopes in New Hampshire - a state much friendlier to establishment candidates, with its large swath of more moderate Republicans and independents.

Moments after the photo went up, Trump continued his barrage - again, using his followers as a voice to attack Jeb.

Mr. Bush said he disagreed with Mr. Obama's belief that Mr. Trump is "exploiting" blue-collar workers and their anxieties to manifest as xenophobia and intolerance, an opinion the president expressed in an earlier interview with NPR this month. His ridiculously named super PAC (which isn't coordinating with the campaign, wink, wink, nudge, nudge...), Right to Rise, is quite a bumbling bozo show as well.

In a recent Quinnipiac poll, more than half of voters nationally said Trump doesn't have a good chance of winning, and half of all Americans said they'd be embarrassed to have Trump as their president (35 percent said they'd be embarrassed to have Clinton as their president). "And the Republican Party has, essentially, they're not even listening to Jeb", Trump said.

Of course, Donald Trump can always be counted on to do something unexpected, while Ben Carson decided it was time for a change in his campaign.

Ted Cruz challenged President Obama to a similar showdown in November after the president said Republicans were afraid of widows and orphans for opposing Syrian refugees immigrating to the U.S.

The GOP candidate's campaign will cancel planned advertising buys in Iowa and SC, and shift its Miami headquarters, NBC News reported.

Still, Bush is lagging there behind Trump and other rivals, including Florida Sen. "I'm not leaving until I get it.' So we spend a lot of quality time doing that", he told a chuckling audience. And then shortly after that, the tragedy of Paris took place. We view this as war.

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