Hoverboard at Houston-area mall catches fire

Hoverboard at Houston-area mall catches fire

A staff member had attempted to charge it before storing it away in a box, where it then caught fire.

The man was returning his "faulty" self-balancing scooter to a Texas mall when he got the unexpected bang for his buck.

"We saw a whole bunch of smoke and instead of running away we kind of went towards it", Smiertka said.

"Every time I turn off the fire, it starts again", Eldaly said.

"You could see the stain on the floor that they were trying to buff out but they couldn't buff it out", he told KPRC. The mall was evacuated briefly while firefighters dealt with the incident.

Considering that these hoverboards have been banned on most major airlines and that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported 22 fire investigations and 70 emergency room visits from fractures, sprains, and concussions caused by falls while riding, it's a wonder they are still being purchased at all.

It's unclear what brand of hoverboard exploded Monday.

Mall officials said the kiosk was named Excel Toys and Boards and had been a vendor at the mall for several malls.

Earlier this month, the National Fire Marshall's organization issued warnings about the toys, which were one of the most sought after Christmas presents of this year. The fire was quickly put out by mall security but not before everyone captured the freak moment on their cameras.

There were no reported injuries or property damage, the fire official said.

Federal authorities are investigating a hoverboard that exploded at Deerbrook Mall on Monday.

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