Halloween To Move On From Dimension?

Michael Myers and the Halloween Franchise are Up for Grabs

Malek Akkad, whose family has been involved with the franchise since Michael Myers was an innocent young boy, remains on board to produce the next "Halloween" movie, regardless of where the rights wind up.

This kind of sucks, considering the last time we updated you on Halloween Returns, the story Dunstan and Melton has cooked up was allegedly involving a botched execution and a whole bunch of fresh kills for Michael Myers to rack up in an enclosed setting.

Their sources say Dimension is no longer involved in the series and "Miramax is shopping the franchise and seeking a new distributor".

To provide a bit of context, brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein own Dimension Films, which has since 2005 been the genre division of The Weinstein Company. The films in the franchise that were under the umbrella of Dimension Films have been the weakest the series has to offer. Presumably, that means that the planned film has been nixed, making the future of the iconic serial killer Michael Myers uncertain. For now, all we really know for sure is that sequel Halloween Returns, which was being developed by Dimension Films, is now completely off the table.

Marcus Dunstan, of "Saw" (well, the sequels) and "Feast" fame, was tapped to direct the movie - which would've served as somewhat of a direct sequel to the original - and was on scripting duties with regular collab Patrick Melton.

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