Fresh trouble for Salman Khan may face legal issues for his gift

Salman Khan had unveiled the shopping portal on his 50th birthday on December 27

Less did the superstar know that there is already an organization running with that same brand name.

"We have objection to the name of his portal as Khan Market is a renowned entity known not only in India but across the world. Http://www.KhanMarketOnline.Com register now for a special treat. And lots more to come", he posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Calling it a mistake and expecting Salman Khan to reciprocate it, Mehra said: "My humble request is that when he talks so much about being human, so let him be a human, if you've committed a mistake, reciprocate that error".

This has not gone down well with the Khan Market traders in Delhi. "We have worked very hard over the years to make the market well-known". Customers will turn up here and require the exact same if he declares reduction for goods on his portal site. But they plan to approach the Delhi High Court on January 4. On the other hand, several legal officials are of the opinion that the case is not strong enough to be presented at this level. Sanjay Upadhyay, a Supreme Court advocate, said, "There is no trademark infringement in this case".

"There's a common legal remedy to protect unregistered trademarks. But as both parties here aren't rivals in an identical trade and it's also not likely that their companies will likely be changed, I do not see any merit of the case".

Taking a new turn in the argument, social jurist advocate Ashok Agarwal opines that it can be a publicity stunt. Salman Khan should have taken us into confidence before using the market's name for his portal. Salman Khan Faces Legal Trouble For His Birthday Gift! appeared first on MissMalini.

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