Ethan, Tonya Couch file writ to stay in Mexico

Ethan Couch teen on probation in deadly'affluenza DUI caught in Mexico

The Couches called Domino's Pizza and asked for an order to be sent to a room at a condominium in the beach resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

The mother and son had planned their flight from the U.S. and even held a farewell party, according to a Texas sheriff.

The case is now infamous after his lawyers said he suffered from "affluenza" - essentially being a rich kid with no limits. If found to be drinking, Couch's probation could be revoked and he could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

Authorities believe that Couch and his mother planned their escape due to that video. "They even had something that was akin to a going away party before they left town", Anderson stated.

It is rare that the police and District Attorney get another bite at the metaphorical apple when a defendant gets a light sentence, but with Ethan Couch, they just might get a chance to put him where he belongs.

Authorities had begun searching for Couch and his mother after he missed a mandatory appointment with his probation officer on December 10.

An attorney for the victims' families said they believe both mother and son deserve punishment.

An official in Mexico says a teen fugitive from Texas known for using an "affluenza" defense has been granted a three-day delay in deportation.

Both had been scheduled to fly back to Houston after authorities said a phone call for pizza led to their capture in the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta. He will then go on parole.

"Our request of the court is going to be to transfer his probation to the adult court, and deal with him in the adult system, where we no longer have to be concerned about the best interests of the child", Wilson said Tuesday.

Anderson said he also hopes Couch's case moves to adult court, where the teen could face a harsher sentence. 

Couch's mother, however, could see more jail time than her son with a charge of aiding and abetting a felon.

Sheriff Anderson said: "I'd like for him to be accountable".

If it transfers to adult courts, however, the picture becomes a bit more murky. In December 2013, Couch pleaded guilty in juvenile court to manslaughter and assault while intoxicated. He was speeding when he lost control of his pickup truck, swerved off a suburban road and plowed at up to 70mph into a group of people who were helping Breanna Mitchell, whose auto had broken down.

Susan Cloud, a friend of Brian Jennings, one of those killed, said she felt conflicted about what should happen to Couch, but wished he had not thrown away his second chance under his probation.

"We do not anticipate being able to do so unless and until he arrives in the United States", said Scott Brown and William Reagan Wynn. As authorities worked to determine whether he violated his terms of service, Couch and his mother, Tonya, fled the country. Couch and his mother may have lived off of cash to avoid leaving a credit card trail and are reported to have attempted to change their appearance.

Authorities say the 18-year-old Couch, who used "affluenza" as a defense in a deadly drunken driving wreck in Texas, fled to Mexico with his mother after he may have violated his probation.

The search reignited discussion of the teen's light sentence two years ago.

We understand that Ethan, now 18, was handcuffed by Mexican officials in the four-story white building at the corner of Argentina and Colombia streets at around 6 p.m. on Monday. 

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