BMW AirTouch features insane contactless touchscreen vehicle controls

The introduction of new technologies to the vehicle is becoming increasingly important.

BMW will travel to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that will open its doors next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, to introduce a brand new concept that's known simply as the Vision Car. However, the sensors within the interiors will track hand gestures between rear-view mirror and the dashboard to change settings such as volume, accept calls etc. This will also eliminate the need of tapping on the screen. Meanwhile, this technology is available as BMW Gesture Control in the new BMW 7 Series.

A special button located on the steering wheel helps speed up inputs when using AirTouch. For example, contacts or call lists are pushed to the top select level when the phone is activated for quick action. But with AirTouch, BMW wants drivers to use a touchscreen like a touchscreen, but without actually touching a physical display.

AirTouch promises to bring technology to the cabin with the requisite touch of class expected at the pinnacle of the car-buying market.

The Vision Car concept is set to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, next year.

We'll be sure to find the AirTouch demonstration and check it out during CES.

Sources believe this system will be added to the new Spyder, as the photo shown in the press the latest press release is very similar to the latest teaser for the vehicle.

Airtouch goes several steps further, with sensors fitted inside the auto so drivers can wave and flail instead of sliding and touching. Thus, all passengers will be able to navigate through the car's infotainment system and make commands quickly.

In the end, the goal behind these systems is to limit driver distraction, enabling you to access and control all your modern in-car infotainment needs without ever having to turn your attention away from the road ahead.

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