Bill Cosby Charged with Sexual Assault; Warrant for Arrest Issued

Bill Cosby's wife Camille'livid and humiliated over what comedian has put her through

Cosby's lawsuit says Johnson joined other women making accusations against him to revive her waning career and to help sell copies of her memoir.

Women mostly from the world of modeling, acting or other entertainment fields came forward and described being offered a drink by Cosby and waking up to find they had apparently been sexually assaulted.

Ms. Constand, now 42, lives in Toronto and works as a massage therapist.

After he failed to pursue charges, Castor was sued by Constand who claimed defamation, saying he chose to make her "collateral damage for his political ambitions". And I don't feel her say anything.

Cosby in 1965 became the first black actor to land a leading role in a network drama, "I Spy", and he went on to earn three straight Emmys.

Constand, who now lives in Canada and has agreed to be publicly named, said Cosby was a professional mentor to her. She was an employee of Temple University working for the women's basketball program. Cosby allegedly told her the pills were herbal, records indicate.

Cosby was a mainstay of television comedy in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

The charge is being portrayed as a turnabout for the Montgomery County district attorney's office, which declined to file any criminal charges against Cosby in 2005 over the same incident.

After the criminal case went nowhere, Constand settled her lawsuit against Cosby in 2006 on confidential terms.

The 78-year-old Cosby has been dogged by allegations of sexual assault.

In the deposition, Bill testified that he had given Quaaludes to at least one woman he meant to have sexual relations with.

His attorney also denied that the comedian drugged or sexually assaulted any of the women.

 In the deposition, Cosby said he put his hands down Constand's trousers that night and fondled her, taking her silence as a green light.

Her lawyer has said Constand is gay and was dating a woman around the time she met Cosby in the early 2000s.

The district attorney's office filed the formal charges just days before the 12-year time limit stipulated under Pennsylvania law for sexual crimes expires.

On December 15, Cosby sued Beverly Johnson, a pioneering African-American supermodel who accused Cosby in 2014 of sexual misconduct that she says happened years ago; Johnson says the comedian drugged and tried to rape her at her NY home in the mid-1980s.

While the victim had no interest in a romantic relationship with the man 37 years her senior, prosecutors say Cosby twice made sexual advances toward Constand, the first instance coming only months after their initial meeting. "This is a felony of the first degree", Kevin Steele, assistant district attorney for the state's Montgomery County, told reporters in Norristown, in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Prosecutors reopened the case over the summer as damaging testimony was unsealed in Ms. Constand's related civil lawsuit against Cosby and as dozens of other women came forward with similar accusations.

Steele said the charges stemmed from new evidence in the case that came to light in July, prompting the reopening of the investigation.

Reopening the case was prosecutors' "duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions and uphold the law", Steeele said during his morning news conference.

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