Bill Cosby charged in Montgomery County with sexually assaulting a woman

Bill Cosby charged in Montgomery County with sexually assaulting a woman

Steele, who was elected in November, made the issue of charging Cosby for sexual assault central to his campaign against Bruce Castor, a Republican and former District Attorney, who was vying to return to office after serving eight years as a county commissioner. Prosecutors say that the woman worked for Temple University, and had viewed Cosby as a sort of mentor.

Over a course of months beginning in 2001, Andrea Constand and Bill Cosby developed what she considered to be a "sincere friendship".

Hours after criminal charges against Bill Cosby were laid stemming from a 2004 incident, the embattled comedian has been released on bail, with a preliminary hearing slated for mid-January.

Then, in early 2004, he called her to his Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, home to discuss her career plans. According to reports, Cosby was not charged due to a lack of evidence. It was that night that he allegedly fed Constand pills and sexually assaulted her. She resisted at first but had a few sips after he insisted.

After around 30 minutes, Ms Constand began to experience blurred vision and difficulty with speaking. Cosby has told investigators the encounters were consensual. That was when the alleged assault occurred.

After the incident, Constant moved back to Canada where she is from. "I was stunned that it happened this morning".

Constand's lawyer has said Constand is gay and was dating a woman around the time she met Cosby in the early 2000s.

In it, Cosby admits he had sexual relationships with at least five women outside his marriage, gave prescription sedatives to women he wanted to have sex with and tried to hide affairs from his wife.

According to a statement by the district attorney's office, the effect of the wine and pills caused Constant to become "incapacitated". He promised to pay for their airfare and expressed interest in helping Constand financially and with her educational goals. Many of Cosby's alleged crimes have not been prosecuted because the statute of limitations has run out, preventing a suit from being filed.

Soon after Cosby and Constand's mother spoke by phone, authorities in Pennsylvania launched an investigation. "The major question the jury will have for the accuser is, 'Where have you been and why did you settle?' I think Cosby's position is going to be yes, I had sex with her and it was consensual". The AP generally does not identify people who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they agree to have their names published, as Constand has done.

"When directly asked if he ever had sexual intercourse with the victim, Cosby gave the unusual answer, 'never asleep or awake, '" the document notes.

Steele says recently released excerpts from Cosby's deposition in a civil lawsuit led to the renewed investigation.

This past July - nine years after the civil case was settled - a judge chose to unseal Cosby's deposition in that case in response to a motion by the media. Although a judge originally dismissed the case in 2005, the charges filed Wednesday were the result of new evidence that came forth this summer.

Prosectors claim that as they sat together on the sofa after dinner, "Cosby reached over and touched her". "Today, after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim", Steele said. She has said Cosby drugged and fondled her in January 2004.

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