Belgium: 2 attack plot suspects scheduled to appear in court

Belgian soldiers stand next to a military armoured vehicle as they patrol in central Brussels. Belgian police detain six people during house searches in Brussels in an investigation into a plot to carry out an attack in the city on New Year's Eve. – Reu

The historic Grand place in the Centre of Brussels historic centre had been named as a specific target of attack.

Six people were initially questioned after house searches but four of them were released, prosecutors said. & Monday., the prosecutor's workplace stated.

Two people suspected of planning an attack in Brussels during the holidays have been arrested.

Belgium police may have prevented a devastating attack: according to a media report the authorities had to assume that threatened a terror attack modeled on the Paris attacks.

Police found military clothing and Islamic State propaganda and computer material which investigators are examining, but no weapons or explosives.

The prosecutor's office gave no more details about the intended targets, but an official close to the investigation told The Associated Press that they included the Belgian capital's cobblestoned main square, thronged between Christmas and New Year's with shoppers and strollers, as well as a police headquarters in an adjacent street.

The remaining two, both understood to be male, were placed under arrest on charges including participation in the activities of a terrorist group as a leader or recruiter with the aim of committing terrorist offences as principal or secondary actor, the prosecutor's office said. Their main quarry, however, was not there: Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who went on to become the suspected ringleader of the November 13 attacks in Paris.

The men are suspected to have discussed attacking Brussels' Grand Place square and other places where crowds gather as well as police and military facilities.

It came after schools, universities and the Metro wereshut down in Brussels for several days last month after authorities raised the alert over a "serious and imminent" terror threat.

Two of the Paris suicide bombers, Brahim Abdeslam and Bilal Hadfi, had been living in Belgium.

Belgian police have arrested nine people in connection with the Paris attacks.

Belgium has also been one of the leading sources in Europe for foreigners recruited to fight for Isil. "So we take security measures that are adapted".

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