Astronaut Accidentally Called the Wrong Number... from Space

British astronaut set for blast-off to ISS

Peake quickly took to Twitter late Thursday to insist that the incident was not a prank call, "just a wrong number!" and that he was trying to connect to his home.

"Hello. Is this planet Earth?" asked astronaut Tim Peake.

British astronaut Tim Peake apologized on Christmas Eve after dialing a wrong number from aboard the International Space Station.

Major Peake, of Chichester, West Sussex, had to leave an answer-phone message to wish his parents a merry Christmas after he called when they were out.

Generally, astronauts seem to get a kick out of being able to call people on Earth.

Robin Scagell, vice-president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "The space station's maximum elevation will be about 23 degrees viewed from London, which is just above the rooftops".

Peake plans to conduct experiments on how the human body reacts in space and - in a British twist on space exploration - try out a new tea-making process geared toward zero gravity. Kelly is now nine months into his yearlong mission in space. He is the first Briton to visit the station.

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