Apple devices took up lion's share of holiday activations

The Christmas holiday was a productive one for Apple. Unsurprisingly, it ends up as the most gifted item. What's more, these are the only two Windows 10 Mobile devices now available on the market, so buyers have only limited options for the moment. That number is a slight dip from the 51.3 percent it managed to gather previous year. Ltd. (OTCMKTS:SSNLF), which accounts a jump from 17.7% previous year to 19.8%. Flurry attributes this to the launch of the Galaxy Grand Prime, Core Prime and S6 during 2015. 

Back in 2013, only 4% of new device activations during the week leading up to Christmas were phablets. This year, it has rocketed to 27%.

"More and more, consumers are gravitating toward the large screen of phablets and it looks like this once-derided (even by us!) form factor appears here to stay", she adds. It's take it, or get something smaller, cheaper, and lower-end. The report shows such phones accounted for just 1% percent of device activations. They were followed by the aforementioned phablets and full-size tablets, then by small tablets (9 percent), then small phones (1 percent). This is most likely due to two major factors.

The small drop was probably due to what Apple actually released this year in terms of smartphones and tablets, only iterations on their previous models. You'll note we did not break out a "Large Tablet" category for the new iPad Pro. However, this does not guarantee its success.

By far the most popular Apple product over Christmas was the standard iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, making up 65% of all new devices activated.

During Christmas, there was a massive boost in application downloads. Flurry says that compared to the average daily installs for the first three weeks of December, Christmas Day saw a 2.2x increase in app downloads across the board.

Mind you, Apple's performance over Christmas 2015 wasn't as impressive as its share of last year's activations.

With some analysts anticipating that Apple will experience its first drop in iPhone sales in 2016, the next few months should prove to extremely interesting.

Apple entered the phablet market last year with the iPhone 6 Plus and upgraded it this year with the 6s Plus.

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