Apple adds Bluetooth support to assorted iPhone, iPad models

Apple adds Bluetooth support to assorted iPhone, iPad models

The company didn't mention the change, although it does show up on Apple's iPhone family comparison Web page.

The company, initially, upgraded the Bluetooth version from Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 4.2 on the devices it launched a year ago according to 9to5 mac.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Apple will install Bluetooth 4.2 in its older iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, the latest feature in iPhone 6 Plus which has recently been launched, according to Phonearena on Sunday.

Apple may have a firmware update or something else in the fix to allow for compatibility with the Bluetooth 4.2 standard. For new models like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the Pad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2, Bluetooth 4.2 is now supported. The trick is to get more device makers on board, and if any company can make that happen, it's Apple.

The move to the newer version could offer several benefits, most notably data transfers at 2.5 times faster than previous versions, meaning speedier over the air firmware updates, for example.

Apple has retained the original model number for all the three products, indicating that it may have modified the Bluetooth stack in iOS 9 or built in new chips without changing the product designators.

The Bluetooth 4.2, per the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, is well suited for low-power connectivity solutions, particularly Internet of Things devices.

However, the older iPhones - that is iPhone 5s and below - don't seem to have received the benefits of the update and it is uncertain if Apple plans to introduce 4.0 to them in the future.


Meanwhile, the tech giant is likewise slated to unwrap its new Magic Mouse 2, keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 which house the newest Bluetooth Technology. With Bluetooth 4.2, the devices listed by Apple will offer greater speed, higher efficiency and enhanced security.

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