WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile receives new emoji, audio notifications, and more

Whatapp For Windows Phone Finally Updated With Enhanced Features

"WhatsApp" messenger has become a ruling technology platform among twenty- to thirty-something online users.

These features were previously available in the private beta version of the app for Windows Phone, but have been moved over to the main app after some testing has proven stability in the beta.

Windows Phone users are very much acclimatized to lagging behind when it comes to app updates.

Fashionably late, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has joined the party and aside from the profane hand gesture, a slew of other emoji icons can be found in the most recent public release. There's also a new quick notification sound and search enhancements for finding messages faster. This includes the improved optimisation for Windows 10 Mobile, fixing the weird emoticon display issues and sporadic performance. The first one year can be used for free and costs $0.99 per year from there on.

WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has been updated several times in the last couple of months, but few of these updates reached the stable version of the application.

Although the update doesn't come with an official changelog, the folks over at Plaffo have been able to point out some of the new features and improvements that have been implemented in this version.

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