Couple BANNED from naming son 'Prince William' to avoid 'lifetime of mockery'

Prince William

A French couple has been banned from naming their son "Prince William".

The French civil code allows "judges to protect a child from a potential lifetime of mockery by overruling the parents", a French legal source explained.

The name "Prince William" is not officially banned in the country, but was prohibited under an article in civil law, which allows judges to overrule baby name choices "in the interests of the child", according toL'Indépendant.

The Perpignan parents then asked if they could use the name Mini Cooper, after the British classic vehicle, but it too was banned.

The couple were reportedly such big fans of the hazelnut spread that they wanted to make it part of the family.

A registrar who recorded the baby's birth last September thought it "irregular" and so alerted the local prosecutor, who referred the case to a family court judge.

As Nutella, Strawberry, Manhattan and MJ - selected by other parents in earlier instances - being turned down as well shows that France is still quite conservative in this aspect, but it must be commended for at least scrapping the earlier practice of restricting names to only those from an official list.

There are a lot of unusual baby names around the world - Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Moon Unit, and Buddy Bear included - but thanks to a French court, "Prince William" won't be one of them.

Another couple's attempt to call their child Frasie ("strawberry") was also denied by the same court in January.

In 2000, new parents were forbidden from naming their daughter "Megane", because their last name was "Renault" (the Megane Renault is a famous car).

This year a National Front supporting pet owner was told he could not name his American Staffordshire Terriers "Itler" and "Iva" after Adolf Hitler and his partner Eva Braun.

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