Apple Tumblr and Facebook Collaborate for New Live Photos

Even If You Don't Have a New iPhone

Facebook is already supporting iPhone 6s' Live Photos feature, this representing an attractive idea that is now unique to Apple's newest flagship devices, iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

In an explanation of the new Live Studio app, developer Satterfield said that the app is chiefly aimed at enabling users to make Live Photos which they can use as an animated wallpaper on the lock screen of their iPhones. And since Live Photos are essentially just gifs or short videos, there's finally an app to turn previously-recorded videos into Live Photos. What it does is each time you take a picture, it also records a few frames before and a few frames after the actual shot and records sound to boot. Posting such photos is performed like anyone would normally do, but all Live Photos can now be recognized by the trademark round symbol when they are searched in Tumblr's vast image collection. They can be viewed as both images and videos, and they can even be translated to GIFs. Customers iPad in order to trigger the live picture feature or must have the iOS 9 system on the iPhone.

On the following screen, Live Studio completes the conversion and then offers you a range of export options, like being able to save the video or Live Photo you created to your Camera Roll or share your creation within a number of social applications.

The Live Studio app is priced at $0.99 and was released in November. For now, only the two latest models have the ability of posting the Live Photos, but anyone using devices that run on iOS 9 can see them. Now, Facebook has announced support for the feature as well.

Apple Live Photos will bring a few changes to the game in social media. The update hasn't rolled out to all regions yet. The best feature of "Live photo" is that you can capture a moment as both a photo and a small video, especially with a focal point.

If you're wondering why Facebook requires you to actively choose the "Live" button each time you upload this special photos, it's because you might not want the 1.5 seconds captured before and after the still picture to be shared on Facebook. Once the picture is picked, but you haven't posted it yet, check the lower-right corner of the post's preview. If not, you will have to wait some more time, probably well into early 2016.

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