3-month-old baby killed in freak accident in Rancho Cucamonga

3-month-old baby killed in freak accident in Rancho Cucamonga

The victim's family had gone to a fast food restaurant in the 11200 block of Fourth Street at about 11:45 a.m. when the incident occurred, a sheriff's news release stated. The mother was unfamiliar with the vehicle, deputies said.

An infant was hit and killed by an auto after her mother dropped her in a freakish and tragic accident yesterday morning.

The mother believed she had turned it off and was unloading the three-month-old from her vehicle seat, as well as helping her three-year-old son get out.

In Palm Springs, police say a DUI driver has been jailed for causing a broadside collision at a downtown intersection that claimed the life of the other driver.

The mother reached in to turn off the vehicle, and somehow the auto rolled backward, police said.

After removing her baby girl from the auto seat, the woman realized the vehicle was running.

Officials said baby fell and was struck as the vehicle rolled backwards. As the mother tried to apply the brakes, she lost her grip on her daughter and the baby was struck by the rolling vehicle.

The 3-month-old was transported to the San Antonio Community hospital in Upland where she died, police said.

Officials described her as "extremely upset... but cooperative". Her name was not released.


Members of the Rancho Cucamonga Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) are investigating. Police do not believe drinking or improper driving was a factor at this time, the Press-Enterprise reports.

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